When Racist Stereotypes Spread Like the Coronavirus

When Racist Stereotypes Spread Like the Coronavirus

Things to Know From Angry Asian America

Alan Kim is the Youngest Breakout Star of Sundance 2020
Alan Kim stars in the Sundance film Minari, directed by Lee Isaac Chung, which tells the story of a Korean American family’s move to Arkansas in the 1980s to start a farm. And young Alan came to the premiere dressed to impress in a full-on cowboy outfit, because why the hell not?

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OCA-UPS Gold Mountain Scholarship
Hey, high school students! The OCA-UPS Gold Mountain Scholarship awards financial support to college-bound students who are the first in their family to attend an institution of higher education. The scholarship is open to Asian American and Pacific high school seniors who have been admitted to a college or university and plan to attend in Fall 2020. The deadline to apply is April 13, 2020.

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