Weed + Tara Davis-Woodhall + Huh?

Weed + Tara Davis-Woodhall + Huh?

I don’t know – but I didn’t think weed gives you a performance edge in things like long jumping? 

For real? Stripped of her title? 
I think these people need to revisit their rules.
For sure, maybe focus, and Sativa or Hybrids, get some energy, but it’s still a weedy energy. 
Feels a little draconian…at the expense of BIPOC.
Maybe just a little colonialistic…
Cause again – does weed give you that edge on the long jump or in sprinting?
Not to be stereotypical and undermine the medical goodness of THC–but I still feel like the edge might be a little more Netflix and Chill…



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