Viet Time Roundup

Viet Time Roundup

Some random articles for you to peruse from the last couple of months:

Vu’s View: We Can’t Let American Democracy Crumble
Our world is no stranger to power-hungry
leaders who strip citizens of their rights and established governments
of their standing. We escaped it in Vietnam. We are witnessing it in
Ukraine. And here at home, unless we get it back on track, our democracy
risks being lost to authoritarian rule.

Classes help local Vietnamese Americans keep their language alive

In an Arlington classroom decorated with the Vietnamese alphabet on
the wall, 20 primary school-age children are learning how to say their
favorite ice cream flavors in Vietnamese.

A boy raises his hand. “Vanilla,” he answers as others try to remember words in the language spoken by their parents at home.

Vietnamese, please,” says teacher Ngoc Tran. Tran has taught children
Vietnamese for the past four years in classes held at Arlington’s Holy
Martyrs of Vietnam Church.

Congressional Representatives Correa and Steel Introduce Resolution Honoring Vietnamese Americans

Representatives Lou Correa (CA-46) and Michelle Steel (CA-45) introduced a bipartisan resolution
recognizing the contributions of the Vietnamese-American community to
the United States on February 8, 2024. Orange County, California, is
home to Little Saigon and almost 190,000 Vietnamese Americans, making it
the largest Vietnamese diaspora in the world outside of Vietnam.

This New Vietnamese American Cafe Will Blend McDonald’s Breakfast With Pandan Waffles

For those uninitiated, the McDonald’s Big Breakfast
consists of a biscuit, scrambled eggs, a sausage patty, and an order of
hash browns — the heartiest, non-sandwich morning meal on the McDonald’s
breakfast menu. Chef Richard Le (Matta), coffee roaster Kimberly Dam (Portland Ca Phe), and pastry chef Lisa Nguyen (Heyday)
all share childhood memories of McDonald’s Big Breakfasts. Their
fathers would buy each of them the plate as a treat, taking them to the
chain’s PlayPlace as an inexpensive weekend activity. At their
forthcoming Vietnamese American breakfast cafe, Mémoire Cà Phê, the owners will serve their own version of the McDonald’s Big Breakfast, swapping the biscuit for a pandan waffle.

“McDonald’s was a very Vietnamese thing,” Nguyen says.
“It was a big deal. I think, for them, that American experience was
really special.”

Vietnamese-American actress Ali Wong’s awards-show dress requires van transport
Vietnamese-American actress and
comedian Ali Wong stole the spotlight at the 2024 SAG Awards with her
mesmerizing laser-cut dress, a fashion choice that required her to
arrive in a van.

Wong, nominated for her role in the TV series “Beef,” arrived at the event in a sprinter van, standing up in the back throughout the journey, as revealed by Glamour magazine last week.



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