Sikh Uber driver strangled in hate crime attack

Sikh Uber driver strangled in hate crime attack

"This assault is being investigated as a bias incident."

Photo: Sikh Coalition
Last week in Washington state, an Uber passenger was arrested for strangling his Sikh American driver during a ride. The attack is reportedly being investigated as a possible hate crime.

Hate crime charges ‘pending’ after reported strangulation of Bellingham Uber driver

22-year-old Grifin Levi Sayers allegedly attacked his Uber driver — who is Indian and wears a turban and unshorn hair in observant of his Sikh faith — in the early morning hours of December 5 in Bellingham.

At the end of the ride, Sayers became verbally and physically abusive against the driver, making racist accusations about his appearance and Indian heritage before grabbing the driver's throat.

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