Rrq G9 Pubg Mobile Top Fragger

Rrq G9 Pubg Mobile Top Fragger

RRQ G9 Pubg Id He Is Competetive player of pubg mobile and member of rrq athena team RRQ Athena is a Thai PUBG Mobile team under Rex Regum Qeon, a Multi-gaming organization based in Indonesia.

Founded in October 2013, the organization is represented by the Indonesia Dota players. The organization has expanded into games such as CS:GO, FIFA, and Pubg Mobile

Formerly known as Soul of Soy. The team has transferred to Rex Regum Qeon on September 4th, 2018

RRQ G9 – Pubg Id , Controls (Layout) And Sensitivity , stats & more

Making it the first Organization outside Thailand to build an All-Thai Roster, also being the 2nd international roster of the organization after RRQ Black Forest in Arena of Valor



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