Reporter David Louie retires after 50 years with ABC7

Reporter David Louie retires after 50 years with ABC7

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area in the last 50 years, you probably have seen local television reporter David Louie. After working at ABC7 News for over 50 years, he will be retiring in October:

After 50 and a half years in news, reporter David Louie has retired from ABC7. He joined ABC7 News in 1972, back when the program was called “Newsscene.”

Back in 1970, there weren’t that many Asian Americans. In fact, by my calculations from what I’ve found online, it was 0.75% of the overall U.S. population back then, about 1.5 million.

Louie was one of the first Asian American TV reporters in the Bay Area – and I have to imagine, in the nation – and certainly on the air the longest! Ironically, 10 years ago, I acknowledged that fact while noting his 40 years of service. Congratulations to Louie on his well deserved retirement and for him being a pioneer and inspiration to so many.



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