On The Re-release of Chink: The Serial Killer Thriller

On The Re-release of Chink: The Serial Killer Thriller

I was checking something out and came across this article down at Chopso. Loved this film and the team behind it and just thought it was amazing because it said so much about the Asian American and Asian American male experience.

To me, while the title I know is controversial–I think it’s dead on. It speaks to harsh reality of the Asian American experience, self hate, and the way we can be looked at, and how we look at ourselves.

It embodies so much and great to hear some more information on the evolution and distribution.

A snippet from the article:

QL: In its original reincarnation, Eddie was a rapper and anarchist and
MC Jin was attached to play the role. And of course we couldn’t raise
the money and MC Jin moved to Hong Kong to launch his Asian career.
Jason Tobin, whom I befriended from Better Luck Tomorrow days,
visited me and said he wanted me to make a film with him playing a
transgender character. I was like, “I don’t have that movie yet… but I
have Chink which is about the first Asian American serial
killer.” And Jason came on-board. Stanley pulled Eugenia Yuan and Tzi Ma
into the project and we crowdfunded to raise the initial budget of Chink.

Read it in full here: https://www.chopso.org/the-evolution-of-chink-the-re-release-of-the-controversial-serial-killer-thriller/



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