I’ve Passed 7000 Blog Posts This Month!

I’ve Passed 7000 Blog Posts This Month!

I will admit that not every post here on this blog has been long and meaty–like some of the articles and posts I’ve done for other places throughout the years–absolutely.

But that also hasn’t always been the point. 

It’s been about exposure.


Just sharing my thoughts from my own Asian American and Vietnamese American/TRA POV and from a community of color, an immigrant.

Small ripples that turn into something bigger, or that have the ability to–because not everything will and not everything does, and not everything has to.

I’ve never strived to be anything more than what I am here in regard to the writing and the community–and I’m so happy I’ve stayed so indie over the years. 

I do other community projects. I try to affect change in different ways outside of this venue. My 9-5s and other eandevors have incorporated these other pieces–like fighting for equity and diversity in these other landscapes, helping to build what I can and work with those that can do that as well–and I wouldn’t be where I am without this blog. Without the experiences, internal and external, that have come with it. 

It’s been a journey, an impetus to do more, and a piece of my identity that I will always love.

Thanks for reading and supporting over all these years–because yes–1 or 2 views, an email, a message, an invite, et al.,—they all go a long way to inspire someone to keep doing what they do.




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