Asian American Commercial Watch: Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Note10: Mission Statement from Kevin Lin’

Asian American Commercial Watch: Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Note10: Mission Statement from Kevin Lin’

I first met fellow Taiwanese American entrepreneur Kevin Lin over a decade ago when he was first working on before that company pivoted to become the very successful Twitch (which was acquired by Amazon for $970 million in cash.) I met him again over a decade later I think at a Taiwanese American conference where I was shocked that he remembered me.  I had forgotten that we had met until he reminded when we had met in the past! Then again, the Taiwanese American community is extremely small.

Kevin now stars in a Samsung commercial about the Samsung Galaxy10 Note as well as himself:

“Kevin Lin never thought he could impact anybody. Now, co-founder of Twitch and Gold House, he’s one of the biggest connectors in the world. He talked about the importance of giving back to young entrepreneurs and how the #GalaxyNote10 helps him connect, manage his busy schedule, and also have a little bit of fun.”

I had not heard of anything before about Gold House, but taking a look at it’s website:

“Gold House is a nonprofit collective of diverse leaders dedicated to forging stronger relationships that empower Asians to have more authentic, more successful, and healthier lives to, in turn, advance all of society.”

It looks like the organization also honors every May for AAPI Heritage Month a list of 100 (“A100”) the most impactful Asians and Asian American & Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in culture – which sounds like kind of a more modern twist and broader inclusion of the ‘Committee of 100’ (which always sounded like an evil James Bond-esque organization like Spectre)

I haven’t bumped into Kevin in a few years and wonder what else he’s up to these days. Hope to catch up with him soon …




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