Are You Kidding Me Chloe Kim? What The Almighty Hell! HOW AWESOME ARE YOU?

Are You Kidding Me Chloe Kim? What The Almighty Hell! HOW AWESOME ARE YOU?



At just 23, Chloe Kim has established herself as arguably the most accomplished female snowboarder in the history of the sport, particularly in the halfpipe discipline.

The athlete, a two-time Olympic champion, recently clinched her seventh X Games title in the Women’s Superpipe, equaling the record previously held by Kelly Clark.

Kim’s triumph at the X Games was more than just a win; it was a momentous occasion in snowboarding history. She achieved a groundbreaking feat by being the first woman to successfully execute a 1260 in a formal competition, as reported by the X Games. This complex maneuver involves three and a half aerial rotations. Despite not landing the cab 1260 flawlessly on her third attempt—using her hands to stabilize her landing—it was nonetheless a significant milestone.

This remarkable 1260 was performed during Kim’s victory round, after she had already secured her win with an impressive first-run score of 96.33.

Kim had previously attempted this challenging 1260 move at the 2022 Beijing Olympics but did not succeed in that attempt.

Speaking on the X Games live stream, Kim expressed her long-standing aspiration to complete this trick. She acknowledged her attempt in Beijing and her determination to try again. While she hoped for a cleaner execution, Kim expressed great satisfaction in finally nailing the trick.

Following this latest X Games victory, Kim’s impressive collection of accolades now includes two Olympic golds, two world championship titles, seven X Games golds, and 10 World Cup victories from 15 starts. This X Games was her first competitive event since her appearance in Beijing, and she returned to the scene demonstrating her increased skill and resilience.




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