60 Minutes: Meet Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

60 Minutes: Meet Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

We have profiled him recently, but we wanted to point out that 60 Minutes did a great profile on Nvidia and its Taiwanese American CEO (and co-founder) Jensen Huang:

“Jensen Huang leads Nvidia – a tech company with a skyrocketing stock and the most advanced technology for artificial intelligence.”

Huang is doing an excellent job of highlighting Asian American technology and business management when often there is a glass ceiling and when Americans, even Asian Americans, expect their business leaders to be white.

As someone who has lived in Silicon Valley since 1999, Jensen Huang has definitely become a tech rockstar because of the boom in Artificial Intelligence (AI)! As mentioned above, you might want check out our profile of Jensen, which details some other facts not covered by 60 Minutes. We have also covered a number of other Taiwanese CEOs.



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