’38 At The Garden’ Premieres October 11th on HBO Max

’38 At The Garden’ Premieres October 11th on HBO Max

Back in June, I had blogged about a community event about an upcoming documentary, ’38 At the Garden’ about Jeremy Lin’s performance against Kobe Bryant’s LA Lakers back on February 10th, 2012, its effects, and the current state of Asian hate and discrimination. The official broadcast / streaming date has been announced (October 11 on HBO Max) and the official trailer is available: 

38 At The Garden chronicles the extraordinary ascendance of point guard Jeremy Lin during his landmark 2012 season with the New York Knicks. Lin, an undrafted Harvard graduate, shocked fans, stunned his teammates and galvanized Asians around the world when he scored 38 points at Madison Square Garden against the Los Angeles Lakers, solidifying Lin’s hot streak and the “Linsanity” craze.

A decade later, Lin’s stature as a groundbreaking, cultural icon stands in stark relief to the recent hate crimes against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. 38 At The Garden recognizes a pivotal moment in time for Lin and celebrates a phenomenon that was bigger than basketball for the world.”

Having seen the documentary ‘LINSANITY’ back in 2013, I’m looking forward to what new ground this documentary will cover. It’s kind of crazy to think that it’s been over 10 years that Jeremy Lin shocked the basketball world. Since then, Jeremy has had his up’s and down’s in the NBA, as well as the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), and most recently, signed with the Guangzhou Loong Lions:

“HOUSTON — Houston Rockets former point guard Jeremy Lin has yet to retire from basketball 13 years after beginning his pro career. Lin announced on his Instagram page on Monday that he has signed with the Guangzhou Loong Lions for the 2022-23 CBA season.

His last NBA stop took place with the Toronto Raptors in 2019, where he appeared in 23 games en route to his lone NBA championship. 

Lin felt his lack of playing time did not validate his championship ring. A complete 180 from the role he played as a member of the Rockets from 2012 to 2014 who averaged 13.0 points. “

It’s too bad that we probably will never see Jeremy play in the NBA again, but he’s definitely outlasted the averages. The average NBA tenure in the league is around 5 years.



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