#2020 Work And Community Work

#2020 Work And Community Work
When I look back at this year, I still wanted to push. Everyone had to adjust. But those wants and the need for growth and to just keep working don’t go away.
I’m proud of all the work I’ve done. I still write, blog, and push out on twitter for and from an AAPI POV. I’ve added to a vault of growing doculogs/shorts. From a measurable data perspective, when compared to other projects, I can measure success like a non-profit or any other organization. And the numbers keep on building for Asian American related projects and community efforts. It’s taken time, but I’ve had millions of views for AAPI related work now, and I understand enough to not take it for granted because I know how hard it is to get 100 people to look at something. I’ve written stuff no one has read. I’ve worked on projects that have had little to no turnout. 

That’s why I have to support AAPI projects that speak to me like Slant’d or I Will Make You Mine: Surrogate Valentine 3. Tv, film, books, community endeavors–what’s come out of the community during this time–these great meetings/podcasts/online events–it’s been great to see and support whenever I can (and I’m going to do some rambling post on those…).

I think I’m most proud though of the work in IT though this year. Doors were opened for me, and it’s allowed me to open up doors for other people–individuals from immigrant and communities of color, younger developers from a more rural background that grew on the job but aren’t sure how to navigate the next steps in their career. When you can help individuals increase their salaries and marketability so they have options, their leadership and technical skills so they can be seen in an elevated way, in some ways pushing against sometimes antiquated frameworks, which can include Whiteness and privilige–for me, that’s been one of the best feelings. I litterally have loved doing that, in addition to just the work. And I have plans to expand into the local community for internships, pathways, etc. It’ll take a little time, but I’m already making plans.

Even when life throws us something like 2020, I do believe we can still get things done. We can still progress and move forward. 

So do what you do. 


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